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Wild and woolly on the mohair route - Retail spot, Jansenville

Mrs Ball, you have been outdone. For all the fact that you have recently extended your range of chutneys (from the Hindi catni, a condiment), you cannot come close to the range of blatjang (from the Malay belachan, a condiment) available at the Noorsveld Farmstall.

They’ve got Beet Chutney, Citrus Chutney, Tomato, Sweet Tomato, Fig, Strong Tomato, Sweet Chilli Fig, and Chilli Tomato Chutney. If it can be chutnied, they’ve chutnied it. If it can be pickled, they’ve pickled it. If it can be jammed, they’ve jammed it too, including kumquats and ghokums and all manner of other strange things. You need an etymological dictionary just to understand the basic ingredients and a dentist’s appointment to clean you up after you’ve ploughed your way through the koeksisters, the pineapple marmalade and the prickly pear syrup.
Noorsveld is also the home of the kudu salami and the best game pasty in the land. You can wrap everything up in a mohair blanket with some Wallacedale marinated olives, a jar of garlic soaked in mustard and mint, a slab of dripping, some home-made bread, some biltong and a packet of kuduwiele (particularly toothsome slices of kudu droëwors) and life’s a picnic.

Do NOT miss this place. Even if the flags outside look a bit worn, the range of lekker goodies inside is unbeatable.

Noorsveld Farmstall, Jansenville, E. Cape 049 836 0339

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